Research issues

Fluvial geomorphology and dynamics. Channel adjustments. Identification and analysis of channel instability. Monitoring and modelling of river bank failures. Fluvial Geomorphology applied to river management and restoration. Hydromorphology and Water Framework Directive.

Web Links: Simulations of bank erosion processes


Current and recent research projects

- Development of a methodology for evaluating and classifying hydromorphological conditions of Italian rivers (funded by ISPRA, Italian Agency for Environmental Protection and Research)

- Present evolutionary trends, possible future changes and applications to the management of river channels in the Northern Apennines

- Recent and present dynamics of alluvial channels of central and northern Italy (2006-2007)

- River restoration of Panaro River (2006-2007)

- Geomorphological study of Magra and Vara rivers (Northern Italy) aimed to sediment management (Basin Authority of Magra River) (2004-2007)

- Modelling hydraulic and geotechnical river bank erosion processes interactions (The Royal Society, UK, European Science Exchange Programme, University of Southampton) (2003-2004)

- Geomorphology and sediment transport of T.Ombrone aimed to river management and restoration (Pistoia Province) (2003-2004)

- Monitoring and modelling river bank erosion processes (University of Florence) (2002-2004)


Current and recent Pd.D students

Laura Luppi - Modelling and mitigation of river bank retreat

Cristina Simoncini - Methods for sediment budget and management in alluvial rivers

Lorenza Rossi Romanelli - Monitoring and modelling river bank erosion processes

Stefano Dapporto - River bank failures: monitoring, modelling and analysis